Thursday, August 17, 2006

Young Azzurri team loses 2-0 to Croatia

In their first game since winning the World Cup in July, the Italian National team lost a friendly match to Croatia, 2-0. The game featured many players in their international debut for Italy.
Game Recap

Meanwhile, many of the stars of Germany 2006 have been on holiday prior to the start of the new season and were unavailable.
The party continues

Before the game, Roberto Donadoni, in his first match as coach, defended his selection of many youngsters in place of the established players from the World.
Donadoni defends team

However, later he admitted that he was worried about his club, as they approach their Euro 2008 qualifying matches in September.
Donadoni concerned after game

Incidentally, it was the last game that the Italian jersey will have three stars. A fourth star, signifying their recent world championship, will be added to their jersey and debut in their first Euro qualifier against Lithuania in September.
Four stars next


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