Sunday, November 25, 2007

Is it that time already?

Believe it or not, groups were selected for the upcoming World Cup 2010 qualifiers today. Italy landed in Group 8 with Bulgaria, The Republic of Ireland, Montenegro, Cyprus and Georgia.

Even though Italy are the reigning World Cup champions, they are now required to qualify for their spot just like the other teams. This is the first year that this rule is in effect. Host nation, South Africa, is the only team guaranteed a spot with 31 places to be determined.
Bulgaria and Ireland in Group 8

The other groups in Europe are as follows:
Group 1-Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Albania, Malta
Group 2-Greece, Israel, Switzerland, Moldova, Latvia, Luxembourg
Group 3-Czech Republic, Poland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, San Marino
Group 4-Germany, Russia, Finland, Wales, Azerbaijan, Liechtenstein

Group 5-Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Armenia, Estonia
Group 6-Croatia, England, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Andorra

Group 7-France, Romania, Serbia, Lithuania, Austria, Faroe Islands
Group 8-Italy, Bulgaria, Republic of Ireland, Cyprus, Georgia, Montenegro
Group 9-Holland, Scotland, Norway, FYR Macedonia, Iceland

See the World Cup homepage for details on other groups, countries and continents.
World Cup 2010 homepage


At 11/30/2007 10:25 AM, Blogger Neo said...

I can't believe they implemented the rule about the champion not being given an automatic bid!! Why was this done??

At 12/01/2007 7:17 PM, Blogger Tony said...

Yep, it figures that they would change it the year after Italy wins it.

Like I said before I would feel better knowing that they were automatically in but I feel like this gives them something to play for.

At 12/01/2007 10:05 PM, Blogger Tony said...

Here is this quote from Wikipedia regarding qualifying...

"Until 2002, the defending champions also received an automatic berth, but starting from the 2006 World Cup they also need to enter qualifying."

Wiki article

So according to this France received the automatic bid to Japan/South Korea 2002 but Brazil had to qualify for Germany 2006.

I don't really remember that but I found this link showing the qualifying results for Germany in 2006 for South America. Brazil tied for first with Argentina at 34 points.

2006 South America Qualifiers


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