Saturday, December 1, 2007

Brazil named as hosts of World Cup in 2014

This bit of news is about a month old but in October FIFA named Brazil as the host of the World Cup in 2014. Brazilian stars Kaka, Dunga, Ronaldinho and Lucio are shown modeling World Cup 2014 t-shirts.

Interestingly enough, Brazil was the only country to officially bid on this event. Fellow South American countries Columbia and Chile had expressed an interest in the staging the event but later quit their efforts.

Many in the soccer community have expressed concern about the violent crime that is prevalent in Brazil and the lack of adequate infrastructure including many of the stadiums. The Brazilian government has pledged millions of dollars in an effort to improve the situation. They also believe that this event will be the impetus for economic growth in the country.

Brazil named hosts

Seleção to host cup


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