Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Great Eight

The final groupings have been decided after yesterday's matches in Group D. The pairings and the remainder of the schedule are as follows.

Thursday, June 19
Portugal (A1) v. Germany (B2), 2:45pm (EST) Basel, SW

Friday, June 20
Croatia (B1) v. Turkey (A2), 2:45pm (EST), Vienna

Saturday, June 21
Netherlands (C1) v. Russia (D2), 2:45pm (EST), Basel, SW

Sunday, June 22
Spain (D1) v. Italy (C2), 2:45pm (EST), Vienna

Wednesday, June 25
Semifinals, A1/B2 winner v. B1/A2 winner
2:45pm (EST), Basel, SW

Thursday, June 26
Semifinals, C1/D2 winner v. D1/C2 winner
2:45pm (EST), Vienna

Sunday, June 29
Finals, 2:45pm (EST), Vienna


At 6/19/2008 8:48 AM, Blogger FJ said...

what do you think of Italy's chances? No Gattuso or De Rossi due to yellow cards, which sucks. I think they'll miss Gattuso more; he brings such a hungry presence to a team full of older guys. Should be an interesting game but i'm glad it's on a weekend day at 3pm so i can watch the whole thing!


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