Monday, June 9, 2008

Italy embarassed by the Dutch, 3-0

In one of the most lopsided losses in recent memory, the Azzurri were soundly beaten by Marco VanBasten's squad from the Netherlands, 3-0. The Italians had several opportunities early but were unable to capitalize. The Dutch countered later by scoring two goals within five minutes at the 26 and 31 minute marks.

There was some controversy as the first goal was awarded to Ruud VanNistelrooy although he appeared to be in an offside position. The referees allowed the goal and UEFA has since agreed with the decision on the field. The Italians seemed to unravel at that point.

The difficulty is that they are now down three goals in the differential category and it will be tough for them to qualify even if they win their next two. They play Romania on Friday and a win is essential in their quest to reach the knockout phase.

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