Friday, July 21, 2006

Materazzi's punishment unfair? FIFA defends actions

According to Italian Sports Minister Giovanna Melandri FIFA has an anti-Italian bias and that is why Marco Materazzi was punished so severely. She also points to the fact that FIFA head Sepp Blatter was not part of the medal ceremony after Italy defeated France in the finals.
FIFA Anti-Italian?

Meanwhile some have argued that penalizing Materazzi so severly will set a bad precident by holding both parties accountable. FIFA insists that it was fair and just and the actions of both parties merit the punishment. My guess is that if it where a first round game and it was someone other than Zidane, Materazzi would not have been punished. But as papa says, "What's done, is done." I think it is time to move on.
FIFA justifies its actions


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