Thursday, August 3, 2006

"We are the friend....."

Yesterday, when my kids told me there was a box on the table with my name on it, I was like a little kid at Christmas. I recently ordered the commorative "campioni del mondo" t-shirt by Puma and received the obligatory email stating that "my package had shipped" several days ago.

So I shamelessly tore into the box and ripped open the plastic bag to get to my prize. I was not disappointed either. The t-shirt is solid cotton in a bright shade of royal blue with the FIGC emblem on the chest. The faux-gold silkscreen lettering isn't bad but it is not like the real uniform. And I don't know where these guys learned to write because I had trouble deciphering the autographs on the chest.

But regardless, it looks great and I am fiercely proud of my new acquisition. I can't wait to show it off during the next four years!

Please see my previous post in July about the T-shirt and the Puma website. I finally got around to adding the link for the Buffon game and the other Azzurri things on Puma's site.


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