Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just when you thought it was over.........

My head hurts after trying to piece together all of the stories, angles and complications from yesterday's appeal verdict in the match-fixing scandal also known as Calciopoli. Not only do these announcements impact the individual teams, they also will have an effect on the Champions League tournament and player movements as well. Hopefully this post highlights the main points and storylines from today and from the principles involved. Mamma mia, troppo parole!

President of the sports appeals court Piero Sandulli reads the verdict at the end of an appeal trial for the Italian match-fixing scandal on a television screen in a media room in Rome on July 25, 2006. The court reduced the punishment for the four teams in the scandal, restoring Fiorentina and Lazio to the Serie A and reducing point penalties for Juventus, whose demotion to Serie B was upheld. AC Milan had its points penalty in Serie A cut from 15 to eight. (from "Week In Soccer, July 27")

Despite the reduction in penalties, Juventus and Fiorentina vowed to use all means necessary to reduce or eliminate all deficits.
Juve and Fiorentina to fight on

Lazio has also expressed displeasure with the outcome.
Lazio unhappy too

AC Milan has continued to proclaim their complete innocence even after their sanctions were reduced. AC Milan, "We're innocent"

Palermo was bumped out of UEFA Champions Cup after it was decided that AC Milan would play instead as part of the appeal of sanctions. Their chief is puzzled about what punishment did Milan really face if they are allowed to play in the tournament.
Palermo out

UEFA will meet tomorrow to decide if indeed AC Milan should be able to compete in the Champions League afterall.
Milan in or out?

Meanwhile the judge hearing the appeal, defended his decision by saying the reduction of the original verdict gives all teams a chance to return to Serie A after this season.
Judge defends decision


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