Monday, July 17, 2006

Zidane a hero? The Internet is full of humor and discussion

photo courtesy of Kaptain Kobold

Everywhere you go, people are still talking and commenting on the head-butt incident between Zinedine Zidane and Marco Materazzi. The internet is an amazing place when things like this happen. Look at 911 or the Tsunami disaster in December of 2004. An instant response from thousands and even millions of people is possible.

Blogs, forums and chatrooms have been churning this incident since the moment it happened. Opinions, as one might expect, vary far and wide. Some say it was a criminal action. Others say that Materazzi is wrong for provoking him. Many say that it is an example of our human frailty. Some have even compared Zidane to a phoenix, rising from the ashes, in a religious or heroic way. Regardless, it has made Zindane and Materazzi household names in this country and around the world.

Of course the humorists, the irreverent and very creative computer folks have used their talents and the internet to lighten the mood. In that vein, I submit several funny things that I found online regarding the situation.

Zidane Head-butt Game

Zid-vicious Game

YouTube Zidane video

Zidane song


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